A new generation is already here...

SNDO Audition 2010

On March 4,5,6 the yearly SNDO-audition took place. 153 applications forms
coming from all over the world and from different artistic and dance
backgrounds were used as a basis for the selection. 72 people were invited
to the audition. The members of the audition board (choreographer LaRibot,
de Melkweg-programmer Anita van Dolen, SNDO-graduate Noha Ramadan,
SNDO-teachers Gonnie Heggen and Ria Higler and SNDO artistic director
Gabriel Smeets) were impressed by the motivation and engagement of the

The technique classes were taught by Ayaovi Kokousse (West African), Keren
Levi (contemporary), Sylvain Meret (contemporary), the movement research
classes by Gonnie Heggen, Ria Higler and Paz Rojo.

On day 1 and 2 the candidates showed the three minutes solo that they had
prepared back home.

At the end of the second day only 33 people were invited to stay for the
third day. On that day the candidates worked with SNDO-graduates Lea Martini
and Guillem Mont de Palol on improvisation. They also worked in a group of
11 people on a group assignment.

From this third day-group the board will select 13 people to enter the SNDO
in the next academic year. They will be informed before March 22.

Gabriel Smeets