Made in SNDO - Performances this week

Melkweg Dansdubbel #14: SNDO 4

Rodrigo Sorbazo & Tomislav Feller

Performances dates

Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th March 20.30


What belongs to autism and dance practice?

Implosion/ Attention/ Introspection? Feed forward and back.

As a gigantic group (human kind) we are always moving forward supposedly. In deed, we do move always forward in time, but can we once lean back and slide through?

Can we think of an autistic revolution against development?

Isn’t our dance practice an autistic symptom?

We do not know.

But what we believe (today) is that it’s a matter of where do we place our attention.

Can I put all my attention in my body in order to reach another than oneself?

AutisticMovement, a choreography on attention.

Concept and Choreography: Rodrigo Sobarzo

Performance: Thibault Maillard and Rodrigo Sobarzo

Advice: Robert Steijn, Jefta van Dinther

Light: Jeroen de Boer

Thanks to Hana van der Kolk and Dennis Gillanders


Tomislav and Manuel take you through a virtual tour of The Angel.

Make a reservation to climb the stairs and experience the romantic erotic productions.

Performance: Tomislav Feller and Manuel Goliath

Cast: Florentina Holzinger and Manel Salas

Advies: Jeanine Durning


ondersteuning: Jeroen de Boer

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