ITS festival Prize!!!!

Louis Vanhaverbeke, just graduated at SNDO, has won the Krisztina de Châtel Award with his choreography Kokito!!!!

graduation 2014 (more photos will follow!!)

Graduation performances in Het Veem




SNDO 4 Presents… “The Spoon Boy: Do not try to bend the…”

A triple bill by Matias Daporta-Gonzales & Esther Arribas, Maria Peralta and Simon Asencio 
SOSC FI, Social science fiction  by Matias Daporta-Gonzales 
HIP HOP by Maria Peralta 
- spective acts as a mnemotechnic choreography by Simon Asencio  

3, 4, 5, April 2014 at 20:30 
Performance at HET VEEM THEATER, Van Diemenstraat 408-410, 1013 CR Amsterdam 

3, 4, 5, April 2014 between 14:00 and 19:00 
Performance installation at LOOIERSGRACHT 60, 1016 VT Amsterdam 

Tickets for all events available at 
Additional reservation for installation at Looiersgracht is necessary!

SNDO 2 Festival 2

work by
  • Nadia Bekkers
  • Samira El Agoz
  • Tiana Hemlock
  • Pavlos Marios Ktoridis
  • Maria Metsalu

For reservations please click on the date of your choice and follow the instructions:

ENCOUNTER Kick off of the first MIME & SNDO project

Last Friday, March 07, 2014 there was an official kick off of the SNDO & MIME project ENCOUNTER.
All second and third years students of both departments of the Theaterschool Amsterdam will develop projects focused on two questions: 
Which audience do you want to share your art with? Where do you want to meet your audience?

MIME & SNDO are both BA programs that are part of the Theaterschool's education unit called INTERNATIONAL MAKERS. Already for a long time it has been a deep wish from both departments to collaborate in a project. Artistic directors Loes van der Pligt (MIME) and Gabriel Smeets (SNDO) enjoy the collaboration a lot and are excited about the project. Students responded with great enthusiasm to the proposition in the first meeting

The working period for the process will be May26-June 20, 2014. Artists like Sara Vanhee and Lucas de Man will be invited to talk about their work, as a source of inspiration.
The students will be organizing themselves in 6 groups around theme's, ideas, preferences for certain audiences or for certain locations.
The presentations of the research results, on different locations in and around Amsterdam, will be  announced later this Spring.



"From Cunningham on, We needed to erase the history of dance"

6 Choreographic gestures from makers of the 3rd years SNDO Amsterdam inside the workshop and research of artist Ibrahim Quraishi as part of an extensive process for the MTD pieces. 

"So, meine Damen und Herren, jetzt wird gequatscht bis zum bitteren Ende, bis die Puste ausgeht und der Braten gar ist. Und dann schaun mer mal was noch so kommt. Je préfere de ne le pas savoir. Even kijken, toch?" (Burkhard)  "We perform celebrating the theatre. Together we are me, the spirit of a dead mouse, Heidi Klum and Syria" (Oneka), "At each step I am confirming my name. working between long duration practice and recontextualization of a ritual" (Riccardo) "'Who is seen'. In a silent negotiation of a gaze, the context is being created and therefore a space of how's 'personal' emerges." (Alexandra), このパフォーマンスはツワークを一人でも多くの人に広めるために作った作品です。(Jija) "Aggrappare: 1. Afferrare, stringere con grappe, con le unghie, con le mani: aggrappò un ramo e poté sostenersi.   2. Più com. al rifl., attaccarsi, afferrarsi: aggrappossi al pel com’om che sale (Dante); aggrapparsi all’avversario, nella lotta, nel pugilato; aggrapparsi a un sostegno; fig.: s’aggrappò disperatamente a quell’unica speranzas’aggrapperebbero a ogni pretesto. ◆ Part. pres. aggrappante, anche come agg., in botanica, di organo che serve a sostenere una pianta o una sua parte, aderendo al sostegno, come le radici caulogene dell’edera, i cirri della vite del Canada, ecc.; aculeipeli aggrappanti, quelli di cui sono provvisti i frutti (frutti aggrappanti) che si aggrappano per mezzo di essi al vello degli animali. ◆ Part. pass. aggrappato, anche come agg. in funzione di predicato: staretenersirimanere aggrappato(a un sostegnoa un ramo, ecc.); e con uso fig.: tenersi aggrappato a una speranzanonostante la tardissima etàera tenacemente aggrappato alla vita." (Giuseppe) 

- Aleksandra Lemm
- Burkhard Körner
- Giuseppe Vincent Giampino
- Jija Sohn
- Oneka von Schrader
- Riccardo Guratti