A Warm Welcome to Deborah Hay ...

The SNDO is proud to announce the Artist in Residency with the American choreographer Deborah Hay.
Hay was commissioned to make a piece for 40 students of the SNDO. The choreography will be in a site specially choose for the occasion, and the majority of the SNDO student will share a period of 3 weeks working on it.
The experimental work of Deborah has remained alive and contemporary over four decades, inspiring new generations of choreographers and performers, her work and words had a profound impact on the field until now. It is a real pleasure to welcome her to our house and share with her this unique experience for the SNDO students and faculty members.
“The invitation from Gabriel to choreograph a dance for all 40 students at the SNDO, struck me as a brilliant idea. I have spent most of my professional career making dances for large groups of people. My book, Lamb at The Altar: The Story of a Dance, is in fact a description of making a dance for 41 individuals over the course of 4 months. Yet, since 2004 my work has primarily focused on making dances for highly experienced dancers who are also choreographers. Gabriel’s timely invitation will provide an opportunity to return to the large group format with the knowledge and experience gained the last five years working with more subtle choreographic challenges.”
Deborah Hay

Breaking the Chord a choreography by Deborah Hay
From the 25 of January to the 13 of February 2010.