SPRINGDANCE-Openng this week

This year’s festival programme has been put together by SPRINGDANCE 2008 curator Gabriel Smeets (artistic director of the School for New Dance Development - SNDO), who stresses again the need for Springdance from his enthusiasm and passion for dance. Gabriel Smeets has favoured artists with a distinct view of the body and of the physical aspects of dance. And with an awareness of the tradition from which they operate, whether tentatively, unexpectedly, firmly, hesitantly, or passionately expressed.

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From Wed 16 – Sat 26 April, 2008
SPRINGDANCE 2008 will take place in Utrecht: an energetic and innovative festival programme offering contemporary dance performances, performance art, debate, and installations by young choreographers as well as more experienced artists from different countries. This edition of SPRINGDANCE will focus on work created by up-and-coming dance artists from the Netherlands, the UK and Romania. Springdance will also present work by established names in contemporary dance such as Deborah Hay (USA) - commissioned by The Forsythe Company - and Emio Greco | PC (Netherlands). Whether young or mature, each artist offers his or her unique contribution to the development of dance as an art form. Discover something new at SPRINGDANCE 2008 and be surprised by these thought-provoking and innovative performances with which the artists stretch dance to its limits.

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