Enter my bubble

CIE Katy Hernan & Chris Leuenberger

A Hetveem coproductie

a homemade piece of cheese fondue and nostalgia
a contemporary folkdance about national identity
an advertisement for Swiss Tourism

Did you ever want to explode from joy, anger, or from your own culture?
Katy and Chris take us along on a journey through a postcard landscape with lush, green meadows and snowy-peaked mountains.
One from the French, the other from the German speaking part of Switzerland, these two drastically different characters are stuck in a transparent bubble that could implode at any moment. In an attempt to dig up their roots and jump over their shadow, they come across countless cliches, fondue memories and ultimately the loss of innocence.

Het Veem Theater
do 17 (première) t/m zo 20 april, 20:30 u

entree: € 8 / € 7 (korting) / € 3,50 (theatervakstudenten)