SNDO Welcomes Archie Burnett

The SNDO is happy to open the New Year with a workshop in "Voguing" with the well know  american dancer and artist: Archie Burnett. It will be happening from the 11 to the 13 of January in Studio 602 and the Theaterzaal of the AHK.
It is olny for SNDO students and few guest!
We wish you all a wonderful and inspiring new year and a great time to our guest Archie Burnett among us!

Archie Burnett is a well-respected force in the underground dance world. 30 years of dance in NYC's hottest underground clubs has made his style unique, strong, and confident. He has performed and taught his craft in various parts of the world. His bodies of work range from music videos, to features in dance magazines like "Dance Ink," and the "Village Voice" dance section feature, to performance coaching for up-and-coming recording artists. He is currently featured in the documentary "Check Your Body At The Door," chronicling the lives and lifestyles of 6 dancers. The film is produced by dance historian Dr. Sally R Sommer, who is widely recognized as a leading expert on dance in American popular culture.