SNDO Graduates in HZT Berlin

The SNDO graduates will perform their graduation project 'Just Beat It' in Berlin. The visit of the SNDO graduates in Berlin is part of an exchange programme between the SNDO, School for new dance development Amsteram, and the Hochschul├╝bergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin (HZT).
'Just Beat It is a graduation project of: Setareh Fatehi Irani, Eva Susova, Olivia Reschofsky, Alice Pons, Thibault Maillard, Karina Sarkissova
and Charlotte Adrian  from the school Production Podiumkunsten.

10 & 11 July 19:30
The Invisible Dance - Alice Pons
What else to say - Thibault Maillard
Appropriate - Karina Sarkissova

13 & 14 July 19:30

It’s just a second - Setareh Fatehi Irani
Colored invasion vol.2 - Eva Susova
“yo puta” - Olivia Reschofsky

Location: Uferstudios Berlin
Prices: €8,00 / reduced €5,00
Reservations: undefinedtickets@hzt-berlin.
Lighting design and technical coordination: Pablo Fontdevila
Sound: Ruben Lanzieri
Production: Charlotte Adrian (OPP)
Supervision: Dennis Gillanders
Mentor: Gonnie Heggen
Graphic design: Studio Zijspan