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15,16 and 17 of March at 20.30. Het Veem Theater

Work by
Thibault Maillard, Eva Susova en Alice Pons.

Thibault Maillard
Countryside Landscape

To dig in the possible past
To dig in the possible future
Creating a reality made of displacements and anachronisms

" The wind anxious or forlorn takes you to this place that does not exist. He beams a smile and drive the northern light."

An ode to memories and projections.

Eva Susova
Colored invasion

Picture a women in her mid 20's
Picture a rhythm in the dark face
Picture a glow of your roots
Picture your roots being other
Picture a reborn of other
Picture a rhythmical set of movements

A one women show that you will be able to hear, watch and experience.

Alice Pons
The invisible dance

In the womb of the wind_ to our thrilling bodies_ to this strange animals_a glimpse of nothing_caressing harmony_flirting with insanity_in the lust for life_ in the dust of kingdom_particules of our selves_ surviving the instant_ resisting the moment_ as the moon disappears_ as the sun rises_In the rythme of our pores_in the center of our breath_ The instrument is playing_to our thrilling mind

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