TODAY SNDO in the IT's Festival- Witness

During ITs you can see the next generation of free thinkers. Witness the fearless experiments by these talented young choreographers and their attempts to give new direction to the term performance as they cross the boundaries and search for new possibilities within contemporary dance. Daring, risky, intelligent and intimate.
TODAY....Performances in Frascati 1, 2 with work from SNDO students of 2, 3 and 4 years
at 17.00 in Frascati 2
Work by: Lisa Vereertbrugghen, Marina Colomina Martinez, Marta Ziolek
at 18.00 in Frascati 1
Work by:
Thibault Maillard, Carles Casallachs Mirosa, Florentina Holzinger

Join us!