Choreographic Dialogues 17 December, Melkweg

SNDO School for New Dance Development Amsterdam
& Operaestate Grappa di Bassano Italy

Choreographic Dialogues is an initiative by Roberto Casarotto, artistic director of the festival Operaestate in Grappa di Bassano Italy. He came up with the idea of an artistic collaboration of eight young choreographers from Italy and eight from the SNDO (School for New Dance Development of Amsterdam). During the Operaestate Festival 2010 the sixteen artists collaborated in Bassano on site-specific projects. In order to discuss the first question, impact has been considered from thematic, social, cultural, political, economic, relational and artistic points of view.
In December 2010 the sixteen artists will meet again, in the SNDO’s studios in Amsterdam. The 16 will this time work together starting from their reflections of their previous encounter and they will be working toward a presentation at the Melkweg Theatre in Amsterdam. The research results will be presented on December 16 (try out) and December 17 (premiere).

Choreographers: Fernando Belfiore (Brazil, SNDO) Tiziana Bolfe (Italy) Helen Cerina (Italy) William Collins (Scotland, SNDO) Martina Cortellazzo (Italy) Marco D’Agostin (Italy) Chiara Frigo (Italy) Silvia Gribaudi (Italy) Marzena Krzeminska (Poland, SNDO) Maria Mavridou (Greece, SNDO) Francesca Pennini (Italy) Magdalena Ptasznik (Poland, SNDO) Michele Rizzo (Italy, SNDO) Alessandro Sciarroni (Italy) Simon Tanguy (France, SNDO) Teilo Troncy (France, SNDO)

Mentor: Katerina Bakatsaki
Production Coordinator Amsterdam: Nadja van der Weide
Technician: Pablo Fontdevila
Initiative: Roberto Casaroto

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