SNDO in the IT's Festival

WITNESS... June 30 in Frascati
During ITs you can see the next generation of free thinkers. Witness the fearless experiments by these talented choreographers and their attempts to give new direction to the term performance as they cross the boundaries and search for new possibilities within contemporary dance. Daring, risky, intelligent and intimate.
Performances in Frascati 1, 2 and 3 with work from SNDO students of all years
at 16.00 in Frascati 3 and 2
Work by: Andrijana Lubina, Olivia Reschofsky, Setareh Irani and Magdalena Ptazsnik
at 17.00 in Frascati 1
Work by:
Rodrigo Sobarzo de Laraechea, Florentina Holzinger and Simon Tanguy

at 19.00 in Engelenbak COSAS solo by Alma Soderberg, winner of the ITS Choreography Award 2009