OPEN DAY - OPEN DAG SNDO 26 of January

Dear All,
On January 26th, 2008 from 11:00 am there is an Open Day in the Theaterschool. The Dance department will open doors for everyone who is interested to figure outwhat we are doing in the school. There will be classes and presentations from NBA, Jazz-Musical, DD, MTD and SNDO.
You can invite friends, family & relatives to visit the school and attendthe classes and presentations.

Contactperson for the whole day is Maria Ines Villasmil, Esra Colastica (SNDO 1) will represent SNDO and take care of the tour guide.

Pablo Fontdevila (SNDO 3), Noha Ramadan (SNDO 3) and Javier Murugarren (SNDO 4) will be in the SNDO corner giving information about the school.
Besides we will have videos of student's work as well the photo book from fotographer Theo Van Loon who documented the school performances since few years.

Presentation in the Dance Theater:
In the Dancetheater we will present three times a 10 min. fragment of theperformance' You and me' from Yurie Umamoto (SNDO 3) , performed by Rodrigo Sobarzo and Yurie Umamoto.

Classes: Studio 405
11.15 Introduction by Maria Ines Villasmil
11.30-12.15 Technique class Flying Low with Viviane Rodrigues de Britto forSNDO 1,2, 3

12.45-13.00 Introduction by Ria Higler and students of SNDO1
13.00-13.45 Presentation and work of SNDO 1 students on Hooman Sharifi working methods

14.15-14.30 Introduction by Robert Steijn
14.30-16.00 Workshop with SNDO students (SNDO 1,2,3) on choreography withRobert Steijn



Gabriel Smeets
Artistiek leider / Artistic DirectorSchool voor Nieuwe Dans Ontwikkeling /School for New Dance Development